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Electromagnetic Meter
Testing Step:
Open the battery box and install battery.
Holding the back of this tester, let antenna of tester alignment/target face to what you want to ...
Reduces shedding up to 90%
For long short haired dogs or cars
Quickly and easily removes undercoat and loose hair
Guaranreed to teduce shedding berrer than any brush comb or ...
PRO TRAINER PLUS, PT-1 Dog & Cat Sonic Obedience Trainer

High Tech Pet Products now brings you a quick, easy way to train your dog or cat. Our new Pro Trainer Plus is an ...
100%Brand new
Keep your pet flea free and in tiptop condition. This specially designed comb will help to keep your cat or dog beautifully groomed whilst detecting and fleas and ...
Product Features

Four separate large food trays

Programmable 8, 12 or 24-hour feeding cycle

Record 8 seconds personal voice message for your pet, repeat play 3 times
Product Features

Feed fish one or multiple times each day

Can adjust feeder to drop a specific amount of food

Can be set to feed fish from 1 up 99 days

Feeder has a ...
Product Features

Designed for all sizes of dog or cat

Large volume - 45 cup / 10.646L capacity

Feed from 1 to 99 days (or a nonstop)

Programmable portion sizes - 1/4 ...